October 12, 2016

The 2016 Perth Shapers Hub Retreat

18th April, Deepti Roopun

When I joined the Perth Shapers Hub, I knew I would be surrounded by incredible, motivated people with a passion for social impact and helping others. As well as all the aforementioned characteristics, I learned this passed weekend that they are also great down-to-earth people who are fun to be around. It’s exciting times ahead for this Hub, with great projects and great people involved!

This past weekend the Perth Hub had the 2016 retreat to allow the Shapers to get to know each other better and discuss the direction we’d be going in the year. The end of last year saw many new recruits to the Hub, so we spent Saturday night getting to know each other. This was effortless with everyone excited and genuinely wanting to learn about each other.

There was certainly a buzz on Sunday morning post-bonding, with everyone keen to start working on our direction. Our day was divided into workshops where discussions were had around our purpose as a Hub, our values, skills within the team and future projects.

The Global Shapers is an initiative of the World Economic Forum, with the aim of engaging youth to develop solutions to global challenges in their specific cities and regions. With this in mind the Perth Hub’s aim is to implement localised solutions to current global issues. At the retreat the Hub decided that our projects would specifically focus on diversity, equipping the community for the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ and on skills-based employment.

As well as getting excited about the future projects it was great to see the diversity of experience and skills that the Shapers bring. Our skills ranged from negotiation and mitigation to programming and entrepreneurship giving us an opportunity to learn from each other.

I’m certainly looking forward to the future of the Perth Hub – it’s amazing what can happen when you get passionate, skilled people with shared goals together in one room!

Special thanks to Ilona for organising the retreat as well as Andrew, Ben, Alim and Aaron for facilitating the workshops.