October 11, 2016

Smart Cities for Sustainable Development

SHAPE- smart cities for sustainable development

By Andrew Ng, October 2015

SHAPE events are regional gatherings of Global Shapers. This year, SHAPE Asia-Pacific was held in Bandung, Indonesia, from 25-27 September under the theme, ‘smart cities for sustainable development’. The event brought together Shapers from 26 hubs for three days of collaborative workshops, panel discussions, knowledge forums and cultural excursions. Perth Shaper Andrew Ng had the opportunity to attend and represent the Perth Hub.

The event opened with a performance by local band Insperto Awi, playing
modern tunes with a traditional twist: the band employs the angklung, a wooden Indonesian instrument, to fuse new and old and create a unique sound. While enjoying authentic Indonesian cuisine, Shapers were jiving to tunes such as Happy by Pharrell Williams Shapers and Rude by Magic!

After dinner, Shapers were addressed by several Young Global Leaders and Schwab Entrepreneurs. Among these, Veronica Colondam, Schwab Entrepreneur, shared her passion for economic empowerment through education and how her organisation, the YCAB Foundation, is helping families around Indonesia find financial independence and self-sufficiency. Shapers also heard from Arsjad Mankuringrat, Young Global Leader, on responsible leadership; and Sugianto Tandio, Schwab Entrepreneur, on the climate change crisis.

On 26 September, delegates got to hear from fellow Shapers sharing an issue fa
cing their home city that they are passionate about and helping address. Shapers heard from Tony Verb, Hong Kong Hub, on fostering innovation through establishing a start-up ecosystem and the role of corporate partnerships. Shapers also heard from Ji-Young Kim, Fukuoka Hub, on urban planning and development, and Antonella Vagliente, Cordoba Hub, on water supply in rural Argentinian communities. In the afternoon, Shapers engaged in a workshop session on the key elements that underpin a sustainable and Smart city.

On the closing day, to explore the issue of sustainable development from an agricultural perspective, Shapers visited an organic farm in the highland region and had the opportunity to pick fresh produce including butterhead lettuce and cherry tomatoes. The event closed with a candlelight dinner at the farm and a final session reflecting on the lessons learned.