October 11, 2016

Shapers Series

The Shapers Series is a sequence of informal fireside chats with leading change makers, entrepreneurs and socially motivated individuals. Rather than a typical message through a standard medium, our presenters will passionately present their unique topics engaging without slides, handouts or rhetoric. The series is about honest conversation filled with personal insights, friendly banter and room for questions and discussion to inspire and provoke attendees.

For more information and to see scheduled events please visit our Facebook page.

  • For a review of Shapers Series #1: Diversity & Public Perception, please click here. October 2015.
  • For a review of Shapers Series  #2: A Future for Young Australia, Jan Owen please click here. February 2016.
  • For a review of Shapers Series #3: leadership in building and maintaining a sustainable workplace, John Poulsen click here. May 2016
  • For a review of Shapers Series #4: The Fourth Industrial Revolution: The Future of Uncertainty, Naveen Unni click here. July 2016
  • For a review of Shapers Series #5: US Elections, Kim Beazley AO, Prof Gordon Flake & Tom Switzer, click here. September 2016