October 11, 2016

Project Connect


‘Project Connect’ connected university students with WA not-for-profits through industry-mentored semester internships.

Between 2014-2016 the Perth Global Shapers hub placedd 15 interns making a significant contribution to their host organisations. Organisations include Fair Bridge, The Special Olympics, Ngala, The Humanitarian Group, Brightwater Care Group, Social Ventures Australia, Australia Doctors for Africa, Teach Learn Grow, and WACOSS.

‘All WA NFPs to have access to quality student volunteers to provide services which enhance operations for mutual benefit’

– To identify and address capacity and capability gaps in WA NFPs, so as to enhance operations.
– To provide students with opportunities to practice their skill-set in a real world environment, with potential to accredit students for their efforts.
– To connect skilled mentors with students.
– To facilitate social impact.


Candelle Nestor, Program Officer WACOSS

Project Connect offers a talent solution to NFPs who have complex projects that require high quality personnel to solve.  Our currency to repay the work completed by Project Connect volunteers is to help them develop and become socially minded citizens who can apply their skills in marketing, business, IT and entrepreneurship into creating a positive impact in our communities.

Daniel Rozsa, 2014 Project Connect Graduate

“Project Connect provides students with the opportunity to solve real-world problems faced by NFPs and the ability to positively impact the organisation’s social enterprise. In addition, the program offers supportive mentoring and networking opportunities that make it invaluable to a student’s career prospects, especially to those soon to transition out of the university environment.”

Lena Mackey, 2015 Project Connect Graduate

“What I have learnt is how valuable interpersonal skills, problem solving and insight into the way people work is when it comes to creating effective online enterprises.”