October 11, 2016

Carlo Guaia

Carlo Guaia- Student

Carlo is currently completing his Bachelor of Arts at The University of Western Australia, double majoring in Political Science & Italian Studies. Carlo is passionate about creating more culturally diverse and cohesive communities. He was previously elected as Ordinary Guild Councillor at UWA Student Guild, where he made long-term strategic decisions and managed stakeholders through Guild with a specific focus on Welfare & Mental health policies for students and he has prior experience in community engagement and pastoral care as a Residential Advisor at University Hall. Carlo has a strong interest in politics and public policy making from prior exposure to political systems with the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Parliament in Rome. Carlo is currently the Chairman and Founder of the board of the Italian Scientists & Professionals’ Community in WA. Carlo aspires to create positive impact in the global society by applying his skills and experience. Carlo has been awarded the Mary Hodgkin Prize and the Citizenship Award by University Hall.

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