October 11, 2016


The Global Shapers Community is a network of over 400 city-based Hubs developed and led by young people united by a common desire to help build a more peaceful and inclusive world. Through their Hubs, Shapers undertake local projects to improve their communities and act as a voice for the World Economic Forum. An Initiative of the World Economic Forum.

The Perth Global Shapers Hub (“Hub”) was founded in September 2013 after an extensive search for Perth’s brightest individuals with a passion for social impact. The Hub brings together a diverse group of young people passionate about creating positive change who are selected based on their achievements, commitment and leadership potential.

The Perth Hub meets monthly and has undertaken a range of projects achieving a social impact for the WA community.

Perth Shapers have maintained an active regional presence playing pivotal roles in Asia-Pacific SHAPE events, the World Economic Forum on ASEAN and other local summits. The Hub has run more than fifteen events with a total attendance of around 700 young people. Our Shapers have directly assisted with the personal and professional development of 50 young West Australians.

The Perth Global Shapers Community achieves impact through three major strategic areas.

  • Impact– demonstrating change through running grassroots programs achieving social impact
  • Engagement– connecting likeminded young people and challenging them to succeed
  • Community– developing a community of young, local changemakers with a positive organisational culture

To apply to become a Perth Shaper please click here.

Current Perth Hub Shapers:

Past Perth Hub Shapers:

  • Andrew Ng
  • Ilona Quahe
  • Tawanda Kungache
  • Michael Douglas
  • Keeya-Lee Ayre
  • Gillian Mahony
  • Patrick Berk
  • Dominic Lindsay
  • Taniya Banerjee
  • Naomi Henn
  • Alastair Richardson
  • Scott Ingram
  • Holly Ransom
  • Grant Gilmour



Global Shapers Community Perth Milestones

  • Sep 2013 Hub formed and Curator appointed
  • Dec 2013 Stakeholder relationship established
  • Mar 2014 Pilot project concept for ‘Project Connect’ drafted
  • Jun 2014 Project Connect becomes active
  • Jun 2014 Hub recruitment drive
  • Jan 2015 Project Connect second semester of operations
  • Mar 2015 Project #2 ‘Fryday’ networking launched
  • Jul 2015 Project Connect has third semester of operations and new curator appointed
  • Aug 2015 Project #3 ‘Shapers Series’ knowledge sharing program launched
  • Sep 2015 Hub communication strategy and engagement campaign launched
  • Oct 2015 Project #4 ‘PerthSOUP’ project ownership assumed and website launched
  • Nov 2015 PerthSOUP micro-granting program relaunched through event #1
  • Dec 2015 Second recruitment drive launched – team expansion from 9 to 18 members
  • Jan 2016 Hub expansion and team movements Feb 2016 ‘Shapers Series’ event #2 held
  • Mar 2016 ‘Perth SOUP’ event #2 and ‘Fryday’ events held, new curator appointed for 2016/17 and incoming curator for 2017/18
  • Apr 2016 Hub strategic planning and programs reviewed at the inaugural Shapers retreat with ‘Project Connect’ handed over to the Global Network for uptake and ‘Fryday’ combined into the ‘Shapers Series’
  • May 2016 New committees and new project teams launched Jun 2016 ‘Perth Soup’ event #3 and ‘Shapers Series’ event #3 held
  • Sept 2016 Shaper Series #4 achieves international stream and success
  • October 2016 Hub expansion and recruitment