Shape Asia 2016

Shape Asia gathered 149 Global Shapers from 69 Hubs in Hong Kong on October 14th – 16th to discuss ‘Asia 2030’.

Hosted by the Hong Kong Hub, Shape Asia this year was joined by Shapers from as far as Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and Geneva, Switzerland bringing a diversity of perspectives from developed, developing, rural and regional locations. The three days consisted of meaningful presentations, workshops and an ‘unconference’ to kick off each day where Shapers could propose a topic, both formal and informal, to discuss and present on.

As always when it comes to Shapers’ gatherings, it was humbling and empowering to see fellow Shapers’ insights on topics such as ocean economy, mobility, coding programs for refugees, the future of non-profits and education among other topics. We also spent an afternoon on junk boats, visited a Shaper owned entrepreneurship hub and were hosted at a Shaper owned gourmet restaurant, all whilst weaving through the unique and bustling streets of Hong Kong, talking, dancing, and just getting to know each other as like-minded friends from around the world.

The Perth Shapers had three representatives attend and contributed to a session alongside the Asian Development Bank (ADB) exploring how specific technologies will impact education, finance/banking and health in Asia. Following this, the Perth Hub alongside other shapers present, are now co-writing a report that will be road-showed by ADB early next year and used to inform their future investments and resource allocations.

*Shape is a Shaper-organised event that aims to give opportunities for Shapers to meet and interact outside the World Economic Forum’s formal meeting.

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